Semiconductor shortage

New Delhi, Jan 31: As the shortage of semiconductors expected to linger on in the next fiscal as well, leading auto-makers like Tata Motors, Honda and Kia Motors are actively engaging with their supplier partners in order to carry on with stable production activities at their manufacturing plants in the country.

Semiconductors are silicon chips that cater to control and memory functions in products ranging from automobiles, computers and cellphones to various other electronic items.

The usage of semiconductors in the auto industry has gone up globally in recent times with new models coming with more and more electronic features such as Bluetooth connectivity and driver assist, navigation and hybrid electric systems.

Industry experts feel that enhanced demand for automobiles in the last few months has put pressure on the global supply chains leading to shortage.

When contacted, a Tata Motors spokesperson told PTI that some Covid-19-related challenges in the supply chain, including a global shortage of automotive embedded electronics, continue to impact the industry.

“Tata Motors is taking appropriate measures with all of its affected suppliers to mitigate the impact to production. These global industry challenges are likely to continue in FY22,” the spokesperson noted.